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TimeMoto PC Plus Software

TimeMoto PC software
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TimeMoto PC Plus Software

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The TimeMoto PC Plus Software is best suited for large companies that want to run TimeMoto on their own grid, disconnected from the internet. Keep control of your data with in-house database.

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About this product

The PC Plus Software includes all the real-time reporting, overview and management tools. Create daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic reports per department and employee; track job costing, hours, overtime, and absences; design employee schedules; export your data to Excel, CSV, PDF, or your preferred payroll program—all with an unlimited database, automatic backups.

Heighten visual clarity by assigning colours to projects, cost centres and employees. Use them with the TimeMoto PC Plus Software to intuitively drag-and-drop schedules to easily plan work shifts and instantly compare scheduled hours to those actually worked.

Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. The PC Plus software is compatible with all TimeMoto Time Clocks and Safescan TA-8000 Series.

Activating your PC Plus Software is done in a few simple steps:

1. After you’ve ordered the PC Plus Software, you’ll receive an email with your activation code.

2. Upon receiving this email, go to and fill in the codes.

3. With your PC Plus Software activated, you’ll receive a confirmation email including a link to download the software’s installation program.

That’s it! With the PC Plus Software installed on your computer and your account activated, you can implement all the tools this software has to offer to start gaining insight and saving time!

System Requirements

Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


Works with all our TimeMoto Time Clocks and Safescan TA-8010, TA-8015, TA-8030, TA-8035.

Labour law complaint

Our solution ensures your compliance with GDPR ruling and local labour laws.

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PC plus software

PC plus software


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