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Timemoto in Hospitality

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Time Management Tool

In the hospitality industry, not a single day is the same. Working in the hospitality industry is full of different start and end times, different types of assigned shifts, different amounts of work, and teams changing all the time.

Restaurants, bars, hotels, and other hospitality businesses are characterised by a focus on customer service and satisfaction. Creating memorable experiences for their guests, that is what it is all about. This often translates to an emphasis on quality control, staff training, and the use of technology to enhance the guest experience. The hospitality industry requires quick thinking and the ability to adapt to new situations in an instant. Companies are also subject to a wide range of regulations and standards, including those related to food safety, hygiene, and labour practices.

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Clock in Work

Keeping on top of work hours and managing attendance is definitely a challenge. With TimeMoto however, hospitality businesses use a solution that is easy and effortless.

Employees working in different teams and locations, sudden changes in attendance, and breaks at all hours can make managing your workforce a bit more difficult. A demand of this industry is being able to accurately record time and attendance while also being on top of breaks. This is one of the reasons why many businesses have moved from recording work hours on pen & paper to more advanced, cloud-based solutions for managing Time & Attendance. This offers both employers and employees more flexibility, transparency in worked hours, and an easier overall solution to manage staffing. 

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How TimeMoto Helps

Using TimeMoto as a Time & Attendance solution reduces the stress for employees and business owners who are responsible for registering employee working hours. It also makes it easier to keep track of employees that have clocked in and out, even over multiple teams and locations.

With seasonal shifts, regularly alternating staff, and inconsistent schedules, hospitality businesses require a solution that is both reliable and flexible. Management of temporary workers, for example, is easy with a variable number of users with monthly payments. With our Time Clocks, employees are offered an easy way to clock their hours. And in TimeMoto Cloud, businesses have an online platform to measure work hours and manage their workforce.


TimeMoto Advantages

  • Flexibility with cloud-based time tracking

  • Schedule shifts, manage absences & overtime

  • Quickly find covers for sick employees

  • Use one account for multiple locations

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Why Hospitality businesses choose TimeMoto


Owners and managers of cafés, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses appreciate the flexibility of TimeMoto. Clock in on-site with a Time Clock, or use TimeMoto Cloud with the web service or mobile app.

Manage schedules

The planning features in the TimeMoto Cloud Plus Plan enable them to work with multiple schedule types and manage shifts and overtime.

Get notifications

With notifications enabled, covering last-minute absences of colleagues who call in sick or arrive late is also quickly done.


Lastly, just as important, TimeMoto is compliant with all privacy regulations and provides integration options with other systems, such as payroll and shift management software.

We’ve got you covered

Looking for a single, easy-to-use system that can handle all your timesheets, scheduling and reporting needs in a fraction of the time? Meet TimeMoto and set up your time management solution.