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Make Managing Holidays and Absences Easy and Stress-Free

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Managing employee absences, holidays, and time off can be a challenge for any organisation. It can quickly become complex to keep track of everything. The good news, however, is that there is an easy way to do it. In this blog, we’ll show you how.

There are many approaches to registering time off. There is dedicated software, but perhaps you still use Excel timesheets or even the traditional ‘pen & paper’ method. An overview of this information on paper might sound easy enough, and maybe it even is when you have a small team… when all goes well. But when changes occur, employees suddenly call in sick or don’t show up at all, it quickly becomes unmanageable. You’ll realise that an easy way to manage absences is necessary.

Providing an easy-to-use solution to track and manage work hours is what we aim to do with TimeMoto. Using TimeMoto Cloud as a standalone solution or in tandem with our physical Time Clock units, you can effectively manage employee absences and holidays, improve productivity, and reduce administrative burden.

Respond to Sudden Absences and Requests

Sudden absences, for example, are easily noticed with TimeMoto. When someone doesn’t clock in at the beginning of their shift, their lack of attendance becomes visible in a clear overview. Even if they didn’t communicate it earlier. Also, easy to manage is the process of requesting time off. We are sure you are familiar with having to send these requests through the chain of command, often resulting in multiple e-mails back and forth and, often, confusion.

To streamline the experience, TimeMoto Cloud allows your employees to request their days off with a click of a button. They can do this right on the web interface or the mobile app. It is also possible to request less than a day (specific hours) off and to select types of absences (for example, paid leave, parental leave, or a bridge day). If you have a manager role, you can see and approve requests, also with the click of a button and without hassle.

There is a Cloud Plan for Everyone

Our three Cloud Plans offer seamless integration with our employee clocking-in system, providing a centralised system for managing employee time off. With just a single setup, you can capture every minute of work and keep track of your workforce from anywhere, anytime, including from their home office.

The holiday and absence management module is part of the Plus Plan. Whether your employees are working remotely or on different shifts, the TimeMoto Plus plan ensures that vacation time is accurately recorded and accounted for. This eliminates the need for manual tracking and sub-optimal solutions such as spreadsheets, which reduces the risk of human errors.

Streamline your Time & Attendance Management

Managing absences and holidays can be a complex task, but with Timemoto, the process becomes effortless. By utilising our efficient tools, you can streamline your Time & Attendance Management, enhancing efficiency and productivity throughout your organisation. Having a clear overview of all your employees’ schedules and availability allows for better resource allocation and planning. Minimise the impact of staff shortages and mitigate the risk of workflow disruptions.

Would you like to experience what a better solution for managing holidays and absences can mean for your business? You can discover all the features of our Time & Attendance management solution now. Start with a free 30-day trial of our most extensive Plus Plan. After your trial, you can switch to our Core Plan or Essential Plan or just stick to the Plus Plan. With TimeMoto, overtime management is easy and stress-free.

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