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Spending Too Much of Your Time on Time & Attendance?

Time and attendance

Did you know that small business owners spend an average of 21 days a year exclusively on payroll tasks? Adding the task of complying with labour laws to this workload, that’s another 10 days of work (Bloomberg, 2020). That is more than a month’s worth of workdays just figuring out these aspects of managing time and attendance.

When it comes to running a business, it’s no question that this time can be better spent. Tracking and recording work hours is crucial for any business, and changing work habits such as remote working don’t make this challenge any easier. The traditional go-to solution for many businesses, the old-fashioned pen-and-paper system of tracking work times, leaves you at risk of mistakes, and it involves a lot of manual work. And to comply with ever-changing and strict labour laws, a future-proof solution is essential.

Set up your perfect solution

Moving from a manual or simple tracking system to a digital one saves time, money, and stress. TimeMoto offers a versatile cloud-based solution, with a web service, a mobile app, and physical Time Clocks that you can use in the workplace. But where it really shines, is that it can fit just any business – whatever size or industry. To explain and help pick the right elements for your perfect solution, we made this useful guide to walk you through the parts that can put together and form your perfect set-up. 

A Time Clock for every business

Something we are well-known for is our line-up of Time Clocks. These are terminals you install and use in the workplace for clocking in and out of your employees. We have a Time Clock for every need. Ranging from models that are a great fit for small businesses to advanced models that you can use for large numbers of users. These terminals offer an array of identification methods for clocking in/out, such as a personal PIN code, RFID badges and key fobs, MIFARE/DESfire, HID, fingerprint, and even facial recognition.

Everything you need, in the Cloud

Accessible with a web service, you can use TimeMoto Cloud to check timesheets, schedule shifts, monitor attendance, run reports, and more. The Core Plan is very easy to start with and use so that you’re up to speed in a few minutes. This Cloud Plan is perfect for smaller companies who don’t need much but the basics of timekeeping and reporting. If you run a larger business and need more features to stay on track with your workforce, upgrade to the Essential or Plus Plan. Not sure if you need our complete toolbox? You can enjoy our Plus Plan for 30 days, for free.

Clock in and out on the go

Do you have employees working remotely? Next to the Time Clocks and the web service of TimeMoto Cloud, the TimeMoto Cloud mobile app offers a third way for employees to clock in and out. The app contains a selection of tools in the TimeMoto Cloud, optimized for mobile use. Employees can use the app to quickly clock in on the go, and with the manager role, you can view your team’s attendance on your phone. Wherever you are. The app is another example of how versatile our solution is. Not only does it help you save a lot of valuable time on managing Time & Attendance, but it also makes recording work hours a lot easier for both you and your employees. There’s nothing like using something that makes your work so much easier.

To figure out what suits your business best, check out our configurator and compare our different time clocks. There’s also something for every size of business with our Cloud Plans. If you need any more help, check out the TimeMoto Support page.

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