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How to Get the Most Out of Your TimeMoto Cloud

TimeMoto Cloud

Using a Time & Attendance solution, such as TimeMoto, brings ease to your day-to-day business life. Effortless clocking in and out for your employees, a mobile app, planning and reporting tools; you have everything you need to keep on track with your workforce. How do you get the most out of it for your business?

Although tracking employee time and monitoring attendance sounds easy enough, it can quickly become overwhelming. Especially when your employee numbers start to grow or holiday season comes around. This is where the Time & Attendance features of TimeMoto Cloud help.

Time Clocks Online and Off - Multiple Ways to Clock In and Out

Clocking hours with TimeMoto Cloud is easy. You can use one of our Time Clocks, the mobile clocking in app, or web service to track and record time spent at work. Real-time monitoring gives you live updates on your employees at any time, even if they’re working from their home office. If you have a manager role, you can easily see who is present, absent, missing, or not scheduled in at all. Employees can check if a colleague they want to reach is currently working. If your employees work on projects, you can record these specific hours. And in case somebody forgets to clock in, it’s easy to make corrections using the manager role. To guarantee full transparency, every action is stored in a changelog.

Streamline Your Planning Process

Do you need an easy calendar to get an overview and manage all your employees’ activities, projects, and schedules in one place? Use the planning features of TimeMoto Cloud to create work schedules and get a visual overview of planned shifts.  What works best for every business is different, and you can adjust your settings as needed. Using four-level planning, you can schedule activities company-wide or for each location, department, or employee. With all absence requests displayed on a single page, work planning becomes a streamlined process.

Detailed Overviews

With TimeMoto Cloud, it is easy to create reports on working time. You can see your timesheets, pay reports, and project reports, all in one place. This helps you to get an overview of worked hours and stay up to date with everything happening in your company. You can filter reports by project, employee, location, or department to find your desired results. It’s also possible to add specific payout rules to compensate for overtime and you can even receive notifications when employees clocked in late, missed work entirely or accumulated too much overtime.

 Record Hours on the go

With the convenience of our users in mind, adding clocking in and out on the go with TimeMoto Cloud was an obvious step to take. Using the mobile app, employees have access to a core set of features, optimized for mobile use. Aside from clocking in and out, they can see their recorded work hours, and send absence requests. With a manager role, you can oversee and approve absence requests with the mobile app. Next to that, you will see who is working when and where, and get notifications to keep up with your employees.

Discover All Features

Of course, there is much more to tell about TimeMoto Cloud. For example, the developer tools to combine TimeMoto Cloud with any third-party service you already use. Discover all features of TimeMoto Cloud on our feature overview and pricing pages.

Make the most out of your day and use your time and energy on your more important tasks instead of the ones TimeMoto can do for you. Try our Plus version of the TimeMoto Cloud, free for 30 days. Check out our Time Clocks or use our configurator to see what suits your business best.


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