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Improve Employee Work Time Reporting with TimeMoto

Improve Employee Work Time Reporting with TimeMoto
Reports are important in any business. Documented hours, payments, and absences help you run your workforce efficiently and in many cases, it is also (legally) required. TimeMoto provides multiple types of reports. In this article, we show you which ones and what you can do with them.

One of the most important things you probably want to know when it comes to reporting, is the time your employees spent on their work. Simply said, you want to see when exactly, and how long, each employee has worked. Timesheets in TimeMoto Cloud can be quite detailed. For example, compare the duration of scheduled shifts and breaks to actual hours worked and breaks taken. In the timesheets, it is also possible to correct clocking actions and add missing data.

Project and Pay Reports

Did you know that TimeMoto Cloud can also help you record and report the time that was worked under specific projects? This can be very useful, for example, if you want to collect statistical data or provide documentation of working time for (external) assignments. Like all reports in TimeMoto, they can be filtered by any period in time, with an overview mode and a daily mode.

Another type of report that is really helpful for many businesses, is the pay report. As the name suggests, it focuses on employee payments and their worked time under different pay categories. For example, weekend and night shifts, or overtime. It is important that these are paid and handled properly. In TimeMoto’ s pay report, you can determine how you want to manage overtime and other exceptionally worked hours. Options include paying out the hours, adding them to a compensatory time-off balance, or ignoring and deleting them.

Keep Track of Absences

The latest addition to TimeMoto Cloud is the absence report. Sometimes, gaining an overview of your employees’ (or your own) absences can be required for various reasons. Like all the other reports, the absence report has two viewing modes. In the overview mode, you can see the total absence duration of any employee during a select period. These absences include ‘regular’ absences as a result of time-off taken, and absences as a result of sickness. In the daily view mode, you are shown which employees were absent on which days during a selected period. Like other report types, you get a lot of filtering options. For the absence report, you can filter on employees, types and settlements (paid, unpaid, deducted from holiday balance), and even on departments and locations. Also very useful is the option to change/correct items when needed.

Note that the availability of the several types of reports in TimeMoto depends on your Cloud Plan. To pick the right Plan for your business, please check our Pricing page for a full list of features for each Plan.

Would you like to try all reports? Upgrade your Cloud Plan or start your free 30-day trial of the Plus Plan if you are not yet on TimeMoto Cloud. After your trial, you can switch to our Core Plan or Essential Plan or just stick to the Plus Plan.

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