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Navigate Employee Absences in the Summer with TimeMoto

Navigate employee absences in the Summer with TimeMoto

How do you keep track of employee time-off? Summer in particular is a challenging time for many businesses, as a result of inefficient methods used to manage absences. TimeMoto helps, making it a lot easier.

There are many reasons to choose for TimeMoto as a solution to manage employee work time. The basics of timekeeping and reporting are, of course, covered. Select a Time Clock with a Cloud Plan and you are good to go. There are also many advanced features where TimeMoto helps, amongst them holiday and absence management.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Bowe Dental Clinics,  a dentistry practice in Ireland, uses TimeMoto as a platform for employees to request their time-off. You can read their client story here. The Plus Plan of TimeMoto makes it easy to keep track of holidays and absences. For companies that are still used to spreadsheets or even pen and paper for this process, TimeMoto provides a solution that helps them save a lot of time and adds convenience for all employees involved.

With TimeMoto Cloud, employees request their days off with a click of  a button. They can choose to either do this with the TimeMoto web service, or mobile app. For managers, it is also just as easy to approve or deny these requests – all with a click of a button. You can be sure that time off is always accurately recorded and accounted for. This eliminates the need for manual tracking  and sub-optimal solutions such as spreadsheets, which reduces the risk of human errors.


Stay on top of it all

It’s important to state here that sudden absences are also already easily noticed with TimeMoto. With live attendance monitoring and notifications enabled, you’ll stay on top of things. When it comes to managing planned absences (time off, but also sick leave that is accounted for), we recently added a new feature to make this even easier. With the new absence reporting function, you are able to get an overview of all employee absences, for any given time period, with a lot of filtering options.  

For a full list of features of all Cloud Plans, check our Cloud Plans Pricing page. If you are already on the Plus Plan, please read our in-depth support article that helps you get the most out of the absence report feature.

Do you need a better solution for managing holidays and absences? Upgrade your Cloud Plan or start your free 30-day trial of the Plus Plan if you are not yet on TimeMoto Cloud.

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