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TimeMoto in Healthcare

TimeMoto Healthcare

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Healthcare employers are turning to advanced Time & Attendance solutions to streamline their time registration process.

The Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals industry is vast and complex. It includes healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and companies that produce pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology products. What they do have in common is a drive to impact public health and well-being through innovation. It is also a regulated industry with strict safety, efficacy, and quality standards. When it comes to planning and measuring work hours, these standards have to be met as well.

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Tracking Time Accurately

One of the challenges with employee time registration in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry is the complexity of tracking employee time due to the nature of work. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals employees often work in shifts, with varying schedules and duties, making it difficult to track their time accurately. Different branches and locations, employees that are sometimes on-site but also often on the move, and privacy guidelines make measuring work hours and monitoring attendance more complicated. 

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How TimeMoto Helps

Not surprisingly, many businesses are turning to more advanced Time & Attendance solutions to streamline their time registration process. These solutions can also provide real-time visibility into employee time and attendance data, allowing employers to make informed decisions about scheduling and staffing. Our customisable and flexible scheduling feature makes it easier for both employers and employees to register shifts and worked hours. TimeMoto's time recording system offers planning tools, holiday planning, etc . Giving everyone the ability to easily manage their time & attendance. Here, overtime management is made simple, making it easier to track hours worked.


TimeMoto Advantages

  • Flexibility with cloud-based time tracking

  • Schedule shifts, manage absences & overtime

  • Compliant with privacy regulations

  • Stay on top of attendance, even with multiple locations

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Why Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Professionals Choose TimeMoto


Healthcare and pharmaceutical employers that use TimeMoto appreciate the flexibility of our Time Clocks with TimeMoto Cloud. Employees just as easily clock in on-site with a Time Clock or use TimeMoto Cloud with the web service or mobile app.

Manage schedules

The planning features in the TimeMoto Cloud Plus Plan enable them to work with multiple schedule types and manage shifts and overtime.

Get notifications

With notifications enabled, covering last-minute absences of colleagues who call in sick or arrive late is also quickly done.


Lastly, just as important, TimeMoto is compliant with all privacy regulations and provides integration options with other systems, such as payroll and shift management software.

We’ve got you covered

Looking for a single, easy-to-use system that can handle all your timesheets, scheduling and reporting needs in a fraction of the time? Meet TimeMoto and set up your time management solution.