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About us

TimeMoto’s mission is to help businesses manage their employee working hours by making it easier, reliable, compliant and efficient.

Our solutions provide easy employee and workplace scheduling tools - while giving transparency in employee presence, absence, working hours, overtime, and holidays.

TimeMoto time and attendance software

Our story starts in 2004 when Safescan was founded. With a line of cash handling solutions, including counterfeit detectors, money counters and cash drawers, we quickly became a specialist and market leader in money handling equipment and fraud detection.

In response to customers’ requests for smart time management solutions, we expanded our range in 2009 to embrace clocking-in systems and workforce management software. In 2017, we launched an entirely new time management brand: TimeMoto. 

Every minute of every day, our focus is to help our customers with getting time on their side again. As an independent entity since 2023, our original, innovative spirit continues to inspire us. With our intuitive Time Clocks, designed with convenience in mind, our clever Cloud Plans, and a global team of people, we enhance the productivity of businesses around the world. 

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Of course, we are proud of our products. But don't just take our word for it. Our dedication to developing innovative solutions that make a real difference to customers has been recognised in the form of multiple awards for both quality and design.

Award-winning innovation

  • Silver EDAWARD 2023: E-Commerce
  • Red Dot Award 2022: Brands & Communication Design
  • BOSS Federation Industry Awards 2019: New product of the year
  • ISPA & Innovation Awards 2017: Product of the year

Time tracking software appUsing time effectively is one of the most important priorities for any organisation. By enabling managers to quickly access or edit employee work schedules and time of using accurate and relevant information, we remove an admin burden while optimising the way employees' hours are used.

Our intelligent time registration and planning solutions include clocking-in devices and Cloud applications that put time management at the core of every forward-thinking business. They help boost productivity and simplify workflows while ensuring compliance with local laws and collective agreements.

All the support you need! Service and support agents at the TimeMoto Support Centre speak six different languages to answer your questions wherever you are.