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TimeMoto FP—150 Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint reader
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TimeMoto FP—150 Fingerprint reader

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Register fingerprints wherever it's convenient. Portable USB fingerprint reader. Or have secure, easy access to your TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software.

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About this product

TimeMoto RF—150 portable USB fingerprint reader enables you to register a new employee right at your PC, rather than at your Time Clock. Just open your TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software, register the employee’s fingerprint and assign it to their account—all without leaving your desk. Within minutes, your employee can use their fingerprint to clock in and out at any Time Clock within your network, even at remote locations.

You can also log in to your TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software using your fingerprint, no need to look up your username and password. Connect TimeMoto’s USB fingerprint reader to your PC. This added authentication method gives you optimal flexibility and security and means you’ll never lose access to the software, even if you lose or forget your password.

The FP—150 easily connects with a USB cable, and its exact dimensions are 5,3 by 6,6 by 8,0 cm. It runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. The USB reader is compatible with PC / PC Plus Software. It is not compatible with the TimeMoto Cloud.

Register fingerprints

Register users fingerprint directly from your PC.

Secure access

Use your fingerprint to log in.


Works with TimeMoto PC / PC Plus software.

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fingerprint reader

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