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Time for Clarity

Time and attendance software
The complete and convenient solution to manage your workforce and take back control over time. With a flexible combination of clocking, scheduling and handling timesheets and reports. It’s time for clarity.

Manage work.
Save time.
One solution.

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Time Clocks

Our intuitive Time Clocks are designed with convenience in mind. Fusing smart technology with a smooth interface. Letting your team clock in and out within seconds.

Discover Time Clocks

Timeless. Effortless.

Employee time and attendance software

Our clever Cloud Plans seamlessly integrate with your Time Clock. Capturing every minute with a single setup. Keeping you on track with your workforce. Wherever you are.

Explore Cloud Plans

Anywhere. Anytime.

This is TimeMoto.

The benefits of our solution? Just to name a few.

1 + 1 = 3

A unique combination of time tracking software and on-site Time Clocks. Or solely use the software. Whatever suits your business.

Always up to date

All support, info and insights at hand. With an elaborate support centre and easy-to-use mobile app. You’re always in the know.

Go with your flow

Always a tailored and flexible solution. One that adapts to your business. Not the other way around.

Insights for everyone

Both employees and employers can see who’s working and how long. Including overtime. So no surprises.

TimeMoto cloud
Our solid solution ensures your compliance with GDPR ruling and local labour laws. We've got you covered.

Safe. Secure. At all times.

  • GDPR ruling and labour law compliance
  • Fully encrypted data
  • Built-in security by design

Complete. Compliant. In control.

Don’t worry about a thing. Our solution covers everything you need.


Whether you’re working in manufacturing, hospitality or retail. Our complete solution fits every business.

Mix and match

Adding and changing Time Clocks, Cloud Plans, features and accessories. Whenever you like. You’re in control.


No more paperwork. Handling things digitally means easy adjustments, better backups and fewer errors in your administration.

Quick ROI

Our solution helps you to use time efficiently. Earning your investment back in just a matter of weeks.

GDPR ruling and labour law compliance

Just focus on your business. We make sure you meet all necessary rules and regulations.

Language support

From German to Spanish. We support over 8 languages worldwide. And counting.

Client stories

Stories that spark inspiration. All over the world.

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Set up your solution with help from our Support Centre. Or drop us a message via our contact form. We'll get in touch.

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Set up, customise and capture every minute. Get time on your side again with TimeMoto.

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