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TimeMoto RF—110 RFID Key fobs

RFID Key fobs
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TimeMoto RF—110 RFID Key fobs

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€ 86.25 incl. VAT

Set of 25 RFID Key fobs. Compatible with all TimeMoto Time Clocks. Whether you have the TM—616 or TM—838 SC. Compact. Fits easily on your keychain. Never lose it.

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About this product

Keep your TimeMoto Time Clock running at full speed. Whether you’re adding new employees or replacing lost or damaged RFID Key fobs, these lightweight Key fobs are designed to work flawlessly with all TimeMoto Time Clocks. Keep a spare set on hand and you’ll always be prepared.

Get a set of 25 RFID proximity Key fobs with 125 kHz frequency. Compact sized. They fit easily on your keychain. Reading distance goes up to 7 cm, and the dimensions are 4 by 1,9 cm. It also comes with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee and is compatible with all TimeMoto Time Clocks and the Safescan TA-8000 Series.

Compact size

Fits easily on your keychain.

Clock in with ease

Just hold the Key fob near any Time Clock. That’s it.


Works with all our TimeMoto Time Clocks and Safescan TA-8010, TA-8015, TA-8030, TA-8035.


14-day satisfaction guarantee.

In the box

25x RFID Key fobs

We’ve got you covered

Looking for a single, easy-to-use system that can handle all your timesheets, scheduling and reporting needs in a fraction of the time? Meet TimeMoto and set up your time management solution.