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Building Mutual Trust for Employers and Employees with Transparency

building mutual trust

Open communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. This applies to partners, family, and friends, but also to those you work with. Communication, however, goes both ways and it is necessary to be able to establish trust with your employees. A solution like TimeMoto can help you with that.

It might be hard to visualise how your employees communicate all their tasks and accomplishments regularly with you, but it’s possible and it makes everyone's lives easier. A modern solution to manage work time and attendance of your employees helps build mutual trust.

Using TimeMoto Cloud you give employees the autonomy to clock in and out wherever they are without having to inform another person who they need to depend on to get their start and end times correct. Based on agreements from employers, it can be established the locations where each employee can work and when. By establishing these boundaries and allowing employees to clock out when and where they are agreed to work, it enforces the idea that your employees are trusted.

Having time clocks that connect to the TimeMoto Cloud guarantees that no matter when or where, employees can clock out when it suits their schedule best or when it’s required. Make their lives convenient by having a time clock available in all working locations, different warehouses, or other offices. This also proves that you care for their convenience and trust that they will clock in and out when it’s most appropriate.

The TimeMoto change log adds another level of transparency. The change log tracks all changes made to the planning and existing clocking actions. Employees no longer have to fear that their time is being registered wrong, and employers no longer need to make sure that people are accurately clocking in and out on time, the TimeMoto change log is transparent on both ends. 

Lastly, the planning features available on TimeMoto show all planning from employers and employees to both parties. Taking days off, future holidays, and planned shifts, putting all this information in one place.

Using TimeMoto to encourage transparency in your organisation has the added benefit of building mutual trust. Discover all the features of TimeMoto Cloud. Or try our most powerful Plus Plan for 30 days, for free. No costs, no commitment.

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