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From Clocking-In to Project Insights: Discover the Greatest Benefits of Cloud-Based Time Tracking

project clocking

There’s more to time registration than just knowing when your employees have clocked in and out. Sometimes you need to know how many hours are spent working on specific projects. With TimeMoto Cloud you can track time for individual projects or clients.

Imagine you and your employees would no longer have to spend the extra time and effort defining the exact hours worked on specific projects or with specific clients. No more having to note it down, upload, and possibly adjust data points and reports later (a perk you already have if you’re a TimeMoto Cloud user).

Track hours more precisely

Many businesses use TimeMoto Cloud to schedule, track, and manage work hours. Our goal is to help make managing their workforce just a bit easier. With all our features that are available at the tip of your fingers, compare our Cloud Plans, and you will discover an extensive list of features. Depending on your Plan, you might not be familiar with all of them (yet). One of these features is project clocking. Using this feature, you will be able to track project hours more precisely and see how much time is really spent on a single project or with a specific client.

Using the project clocking feature

The project clocking feature is best used for people or organisations that wish to label specific tasks or projects and keep track of the time spent on these. For example, if you work in hospitality as a bartender, you can clock in to work at the bar. But, if the kitchen is short-staffed and you’re filling the spot of one of your colleagues, you can clock in specifically for the kitchen and have this defined in your work records. This works for covering absent colleagues, defining overtime or work during the holidays, or when you need to travel to different locations to meet with different clients or work on different projects. This makes everyone’s life easier when it comes to documenting work and trying to compensate all roles accurately.

Improving organisation at work

Project clocking is made simple by being able to assign employees to certain projects. As simple as defining the project when you clock in and out. When you take advantage of this feature, you save time in the back end. You don’t lose time trying to figure out the projects employees were working on or clients they were working with. Organising this in your profile is incredibly easy, with instructions found here. Overall, this feature is useful every time you need to assess reports for payroll purposes and need to determine the efficiency and effort put into different projects. Project clocking can also make your work easier by seeing exactly how hours are spent and helping you to decide on how to allocate your time better.

Use the project clocking feature to make work simpler. Try it for yourself free for 30 days or upgrade your Cloud subscription to our Essential or Plus plan to experience it.