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Clocking in apps

TimeMoto mobile app

With our mobile app, you can easily clock in and out on the go with TimeMoto Cloud, even when working remotely. Available for iOS and Android, the app contains a selection of features optimized for mobile use.

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TimeMoto Cloud Mobile App

Time clock for employees

Time Clock app for employees

Suitable for employee and manager roles. Record work hours, send and receive absence requests, and monitor your team’s attendance.

Clock in and out app

Clock in and out app

Clocking in and out for work has never been easier. Enable your employees to use their phones to log their hours wherever they need to work. Just like they would with our Time Clocks or browser application.


Attendance monitoring and reporting

View your team's attendance status on your phone, wherever you are. Or use the app for a quick check on your own hours. All the information you need is right there.

Track time. Stay connected.

The right tools for you to help you stay on track with your workforce.


Does your team work remote? Allow users to set up a location (e.g. ‘home’) and clock in and out there using their mobile phone.


Ensure that your employees clock in and out with the mobile app at agreed-upon locations only.


Check your personal reports for a quick view on your own working time.

Explore our Cloud Plans

Do you need just the basics of timekeeping and reporting for small businesses? Or the complete toolbox for bigger companies? Our clever Cloud Plans cover every need.

Clock in and out and monitor your team’s attendance on the go. With our mobile app for TimeMoto Cloud, managing your workforce has never been easier. Get it now on Google Play or in the App Store.

Connect TimeMoto Cloud to our Time Clocks. Or use it as a standalone solution to clock in, clock out, monitor attendance, run reports, and more. There is a Cloud Plan for every type of business.

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