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Use Notifications and Make More Out of Your Own Time


Checking your phone, texting your team members, reading group chats, making calls. As a manager, you need to stay on top of what’s happening with your employees. That’s why we added notifications to our TimeMoto Cloud mobile clocking-in app, amongst others. But what do these notifications do for you? And how can they make sure things are always smooth sailing?

Our Cloud Plans cover everything you need. Explore some popular features that help you easily manage clocking, schedules, timesheets, and reports. Notifications can help you to keep on track. You receive notifications when an employee has clocked in too late, clocked out too early, accumulated too much overtime, or missed work.

Enforces Accountability

Knowing that clocking actions are being digitally recorded generates a sense of responsibility in users. Using employee clocking-in systems, they know that their attendance is monitored, and there is a greater incentive to clock in and out on time correctly. No more accidental overtime or clocking in late, plus the extra transparency with this information being available for employees and employers generates a sense of fairness and equality. With all data available in the Cloud, employees have easy access to their work time information on one platform, which promotes trust between them and their employer.

Easy Absence Management

With notifications, you know immediately if someone is missing, sick, or is requesting time off. No need to go to another device during your day to see what your employees need. This is especially useful when someone calls out sick at the last minute, giving you more time to find a replacement.

Know Where They Are Clocked in and For How Long

Without effort, you know exactly where your employees are clocked in and where and when they clock out. Having easy access to this information alleviates any stress you may have about time and attendance. With notifications enabled, there is no need to chase after employees about the time they spent working and no need to stress about remembering to register hours correctly. You know that recording work hours is going smoothly; if not, you will receive an update.

Get Notifications on Your Terms

It’s essential to get the right information when you need it. While you might want to know what’s always going on, getting live notifications of all events may be too much information for you. You can determine how often you wish to receive clocking-in details. Options range from live reports to daily, weekly, or monthly summaries on a specific time or day of your choosing. You can also determine if you want phone, browser, or email notifications. This way, you can make TimeMoto Cloud work for you.

Let go of stress by letting an app manage the need-to-know for you. Stay up to date and manage your workforce from a distance using the TimeMoto Cloud mobile app.

Check out more about TimeMoto Reports here or visit our support article on notifications. Need a little more guidance? An excellent place to start is our short starter guide for when you are new to time registration, which covers the main components of our solution.

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