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TimeMoto RF—150 RFID reader

RFID reader
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TimeMoto RF—150 RFID reader

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Portable. Compact. Fits easily on your desk, register an employee in minutes at your PC. Works smoothly with all our Time Clocks. Whether you have the TM—616 or TM—838 SC.

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About this product

TimeMoto RF-150 portable USB RFID reader enables you to register a new RFID Badge or a new RFID Key fob right at your PC, rather than at your Time Clock. Just open your TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software, register the new badge and assign it to the desired employee—all without leaving your desk. Within minutes, your employee can use their new RFID Badge or RFID Key fob to clock in and out at any Time Clock within your network, even at remote locations.

Get a USB reader for RFID Badges. It reads TimeMoto RF—100 RFID Badges and RF—110 RFID Key fobs with 125 kHz frequency. A USB connection cable is included. The RF-150 has a small footprint, the exact dimensions are 6,4 by 11,5 by 1,7 cm, it weighs 117 gr and fits perfectly on your desk. It runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. The USB reader is compatible with PC / PC Plus Software and with TimeMoto Cloud.

Activate RFID Badges

Activate RFID Badges or RFID Key fobs, directly from your PC.


Works with TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software.

Compact size

Fits on your desk. Portable. USB connected.

In the box


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