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Clocking In With Biometric Authentication – Does It Fit Your Business?

Biometric security options

All our TimeMoto Time Clocks offer the functionality for employees to clock in and out using RFID badges and personal PIN codes. Authentication methods that are well-known and popular. But did you know you can also use biometric authentication, including fingerprint and face recognition, on some of our models? In this blog, we’ll explain how this could help your business.

There’s no arguing that biometric security measures and advancements have brought convenience to our day-to-day lives. One area a lot of us first saw them introduced was on our mobile devices, with fingerprint recognition being used in place of a PIN code for unlocking your home screen, which later led to the use of face recognition for the same thing.

How do biometric security measures work?

Biometric software captures the biological input from a user to create a baseline data point that will be used as the determining data point for future uses. When an individual uses the device to enter using biometric data, their input is compared to the database of collected biometric data.

What else can be said about these biometric security measures? Why should you implement it on your devices in your organisation? Well, to summarise some advantages:

More secure – It’s harder to spoof someone's biometric data and actually utilise it than it is to steal PIN codes or hack an RFID reader.

Very individual – Everyone’s biometric data is different. You have a higher chance of winning the lottery than finding someone with the same fingerprint as you.

Convenient – Not having to carry an extra key card or remember a PIN, relying on your fingerprint scan or facial recognition always gives a person the ability to clock in.

Widely adopted – Due to the commonplace of fingerprint scans and face recognition in laptops and mobile devices, it is easily accepted amongst users.

Quick – Reduce the amount of time spent clocking in. With just a tap of your fingerprint or a scan of your face, there’s no searching for your clocking-in badge, key fob, or spending time typing in your PIN code.

Scalable – It’s easy to add more employees to your database without having to invest in more RFID cards or key fobs.

Even with all these advantages, there are always going to be some areas of concern. Privacy and safety, for example. The TimeMoto TM—838 SC, our most high-tech clocking-in system for employees, with integrated face recognition is our most hygienic and easy clocking solution. It is also one of the safest. The employee’s facial features get converted into an advanced algorithm. This algorithm is so complex that it can’t be converted back to the original image. Irretrievable. Unrecoverable. Your personal biometric data is always stored safely, securely, and according to the GDPR rulings.

Biometric authentication might be the best option for your business

Another point of attention is cost. If you might think that biometric security measures are financially not feasible for your (small) business, we can prove you wrong. When you look at our shopping page, you’ll notice that the price of a clock-in machine with a fingerprint scan or face recognition is not that much higher than models that don’t offer these features. If you start to think about the advantages and the return on investment, a biometric clocking system might still be the best option for your business.

What authentication method would you prefer in your Time Clock? Try our Configurator page, compare our Time Clocks and discover what’s possible for your business. You can also check out our full product range or start your free TimeMoto Cloud trial now.


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