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Select the Perfect ID Method for Clocking In

how to clock in

Time registration can be as simple as clocking in, clocking out. But when it comes to how to do this on a clocking in machine, what ID method do you prefer? Ranging from the popular method of RFID badges and PIN codes, to more advanced techniques such as fingerprint and face recognition, there are so many to choose from. In this blog, we’ll explore your options so you can decide what fits your business.

You are probably aware of our TimeMoto range of clocking in and out machines. If you’re not, here’s a quick update. Our Time Clocks are physical devices you can use in any working environment. Combined with TimeMoto Cloud, they offer a quick and user-friendly way to track work hours. Clocking in machine examples are our 600 Series and our 800 Series. The 600 series is perfect for smaller and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 employees; the 800 Series is a good fit for bigger businesses with up to 2.000 employees.

Clocking In Systems Examples

Whatever model you choose, all our Time Clocks are compatible with RFID and PIN. So, there’s an option that will work no matter what. For example, if your employee has lost an RFID badge, they can still use PIN for clocking in and work hours tracking. But that’s not all. Many of our clocking in systems offer extra identification methods. We offer a clock in machine with fingerprints, a model that lets you track work hours with face recognition, and models that are compatible with MIFARE/DESFire and HID technology.

With all these options available, which one(s) do you pick? First of all, consider what your company needs. Is safety important to you? Would you like to combine door access technology with clocking in? Are you worried about privacy using biometric ID methods such as face recognition or fingerprint identification? Further on, we will explain all techniques and the advantages each offers.

RFID & PIN: Standard Technology

RFID is commonly used in key cards such as transit passes, bank cards, and other identification methods. It is the standard technology used for contactless transactions. Therefore, all our terminals for employee time tracking come with a reader that recognises RFID cards and key fobs, making clocking in and out easy and accessible. The big advantage is the familiarity of this technology, plus standard RFID cards can be applied.

Entering a PIN code is something that everyone has become familiar with due to our bank cards and mobile device lock screens. We all have a code we regularly rely on when one needs to be entered, so using one when you need to clock in and out requires no extra thought. It is also an excellent backup method for when an employee loses or forgets to bring their RFID badge. This is one of the reasons why we have PIN as a standard technology on all our Time Clocks.

MIFARE/DESFire and HID: Extra Security

Some of our Time Clocks offer MIFARE/DESFIRE compatible identification. The technology on this form of identification is encrypted and a global security standard. Many businesses choose MIFARE/DESFire identification because they already use this method for door access. Combine your building access and clocking in and out with one card to make this process more seamless for your employees. TimeMoto Time Clocks are compatible with all MIFARE and DESFire systems that operate on a 13.56 MHz frequency and use an ISO/IEC 14443A protocol.

HID is the US equivalent of the European MIFARE and DESFire. It is the number one choice in the US for secure door access, personal identification, and cashless transitions. Like MIFARE/DESFire, businesses that use this technology on their Time Clocks do so to ensure easy clocking with extra security and convenience. Whether it is entering a building or your employee clocking in system, all are accessible with just one badge.

Fingerprint and Face Recognition: Easy and Advanced

Everyone has a unique individual fingerprint. There is no way to mistake one person’s fingerprint for another. With fingerprint identification, you can create a high level of security. With our Time Clocks, every fingerprint uploaded to the system is encrypted into a unique code that is kept in the device’s hard drive, making it irretrievable and unrecoverable. The clock in machine with fingerprints is still privacy friendly. No actual fingerprints are stored as they are converted into a series of numbers that the Time Clocks recognise.

Lastly, some of our devices can also offer face recognition. A hands-free and easy system, it is great for employees as they don’t need a card or even touch the device. It is also privacy-friendly; each face registered into the Time Clock is converted into an algorithm to enhance safety. It is impossible to restore the algorithm to the image of the individual’s face. Like the fingerprint method, the biometric information is irretrievable and unrecoverable, making the biometric clocking system compliant with local labour and privacy laws.

To figure out what suits your business best, check out our configurator. There is also something for every business with our Cloud Plans that you can combine with our Time Clocks.

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