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Time tracking software - Timekeeping

Record. Track. Control.

Smart Cloud Plans to handle your timesheets, schedules, and reports in one safe place. Time for clarity.
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Time tracking software for employees


Flexible scheduling is key in making proper timesheets for your team. Especially when dealing with absence and holidays. Our features to filter and adjust save you time and effort. While working more structured with smart reports for payments and overtime.

Time and attendance app


Knowing who is present can be challenging. Especially with lots of employees coming in and out every day. With real-time attendance and notifications, you’re always on track.

Time registration system


Working in a team requires trust and transparency. Our solution, GDPR ruling and compliant with local labour laws, allows everyone to run a report of their worked hours. Including overtime. Engage your employees and gain more mutual trust.

Clear. Control. One Cloud.

Don’t worry about a thing. Our Cloud Plans cover everything you need.

Security by design

Data is secured in our powerful Cloud. Built on Microsoft Azure’s platform.

GDPR ruling and labour law compliance

Templates helping to calculate overtime and comply with GDPR ruling and local labour laws.

Easy to install

You’re up and running in no time. No matter which Cloud Plan you have.

Extensive features

Wide-ranging features from dark mode to personal reports. Make it your own.

Try. Cloud Plans.

Discover our three TimeMoto Cloud Plans with varying features. You always get to try the Plus Plan first.

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User / month

From € 0.00 / month

TimeMoto Core Plan is very easy to start with and use. You’re up to speed in a few minutes. This Cloud Plan is perfect for smaller companies who don’t need much but the basics of timekeeping and reporting. No more, no less. It’s as simple as that.

  • The basics for every business

  • Clocking in and out

  • Record work time



€ 0.00

User / month

From € 0.00 / month

TimeMoto Essential Plan is perfect if your biggest challenge is reporting and managing attendance. This Cloud Plan has got just the right tools for you to help you stay on track with your workforce. Enjoy everything you need for your business.

  • More options for planning

  • Generate multiple reports

  • Monitor attendance and overtime


€ 0.00

User / month

From € 0.00 / month

TimeMoto Plus Plan is the total package. Use this Cloud Plan in combination with our Time Clocks or as a standalone solution - in case you don’t need any on-site Time Clocks. This plan is perfect for growing, medium-sized, or bigger businesses. It’s got it all covered.

  • In-depth planning and reporting

  • Plan holidays and absences

  • Our most extensive Cloud Plan

Free 30-day Plus Plan trial

Enjoy our Plus Plan for 30 days. After your trial, you can switch to our Core Plan or Essential Plan, or just stick to Plus Plan.

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TimeMoto cloud

Elevate your Time Clock with one of our Cloud Plans and corresponding mobile app. Manage clocking, schedules, timesheets and reports with ease. Whatever your business suits best. Discover your own unique combination.

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