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How to Handle Employee Clocking-In Systems, Remote Time Management, and Your Workplace

managing remote workers

Remote and flexible work are not new, but they’re more common now than ever. Younger workers want flexibility and freedom, but a big fear that many organisations have is the inability to manage them properly. This is a conversation that needs to be clear and had from the beginning.

Covered in one of our previous blogs, we already know that remote work is going to be increasingly common. However, one of the common concerns that employers have regarding this growing trend is how to manage these employees. While taking the initiative to encourage employees back into the office perhaps sounds like a solution, it also reduces the young talent your organisation could attract. The goal is to find a resolution that addresses solutions for everyone involved.

How to Manage Remote Employees Easy and Efficiently

Set Clear Expectations:

·         When hiring remote employees or implementing remote work options, establish and communicate clear expectations. Ensure employees understand how and when they should be available for check-ins and collaborative work to avoid uncertainties about their activities.

Create a Remote Work Policy:

·         Develop a comprehensive remote work policy that outlines expectations for both employers and employees. Clear guidelines on how and when to contact supervisors provide clarity and reduce stress for all parties involved.

Document Performance Metrics:

·         To alleviate concerns about employee performance, implement a system for documenting and tracking performance metrics. This helps in monitoring and improving productivity. Using TimeMoto, you can track how long employees work at different locations and on different projects.

Accurate Work Hours Monitoring:

·         Utilize a reliable time and attendance solution like TimeMoto to accurately document work hours. This promotes transparency and fairness in recording work-related activities. Our Cloud service provides (depending on the Cloud Plan you pick) access to features such as project clocking, planning & reporting, absence management, and more.

Comprehensive Performance Tracking:

·         Track various aspects of remote employees' performance, including hours worked, completed tasks, achieved milestones, work quality, and collaboration efforts if applicable.

By allocating comprehensive rules regarding remote work, you make everyone's lives easier. No more overstressing and being over-concerned about productivity or projects being worked on.

By using TimeMoto, take advantage of all the different management features available helping you achieve all this. Try TimeMoto’s Plus Plan for 30 days, free. Or, check out the configurator to help you find exactly what suits your business.

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