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Time registration with TimeMoto


Save time on work hours management and grow your business

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Looking for a simple, modern, and user-friendly solution to record work hours? TimeMoto will lift your HR administration to the next level. Unburden yourself with time & attendance management and grow your business with the most efficient solution on the market. Our flexible combination of physical Time Clocks and cloud-based time tracking software (also usable as a standalone solution) is quick and easy to set up and, saves you time in administration and gives a quick return on your investment.

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Advantages of TimeMoto

Multiple methods for clocking: Clock in and out with your  Time Clock using RFID badges or key fobs, MIFARE/DESFire or biometric authentication methods such as a fingerprint scan or face recognition. You can also use our webservice or mobile app.

Easier work hours management: Combine your Time Clock(s) with our smart Cloud Plans to handle your timesheets, schedules, and reports. You get real-time visibility into employee time and attendance data, enabling you to make informed decisions about scheduling and staffing.

Compliance with labour laws: Many countries require employers to provide time and attendance systems to record work hours. With TimeMoto, you run an accurate and transparent administration of work times. Moreover, our solution complies with local (EU and US) privacy and security regulations.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers all over the world say about TimeMoto. These time registration best practices will show you how TimeMoto makes their lives significantly easier, with a system that provides insights into all worked hours and that is also easy to use.

TimeMoto in Healthcare

Employee Time Clock and time tracking software

TimeMoto offers a flexible and versatile solution that is adaptable to every work environment. With multiple ways of clocking and the combination of physical Time Clocks with smart clock-in and clock-out software, there is always an easy way to record and see work time. With TimeMoto Cloud, you always have backups in place. You keep digital records, run an accurate HR administration and stay compliant with local labour laws.

Find your perfect solution

You can combine our Time Clocks with one of our Cloud Plans or even use TimeMoto Cloud as a standalone solution. Employees can use the web service or even our mobile time tracking apps. There is a Cloud Plan for every business, ranging from the basics of timekeeping and reporting to a full-fledged solution with shift scheduling tools, features to plan holidays and handle absences attendance monitoring, multiple reports, and more.

You always get to try the most extensive Plus Plan first, with a 30-day free trial.

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Start your journey and experience effortless clocking, and more, with the TimeMoto Plus Plan. You can begin your 30-day free trial today and get access to all powerful features and tools designed to streamline your business. Or use our Configurator to decide which TimeMoto setup is the best for your business. Add Time Clocks, identification methods, Cloud Plans, and accessories until you find your perfect solution.

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