TimeMoto Cloud Planning

Manage all your employees’ activities, projects, and schedules. Right in TimeMoto Cloud. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run. Quick to set up and adaptable to every situation.


Create work schedules

Easily add schedules to your TimeMoto Cloud setup. Define your employee’s schedules and choose between different types of schedules, breaks, and rounding.

Visual planning

Use the visual planning & attendance calendar to plan shifts with the click of a button. Or get a quick overview of all upcoming activities, requests, absences, and projects.


No matter what type of work schedule you use, we’ve got you covered. Fixed hours? Flexible work times? Semi-flexible around core times? No problem. TimeMoto Cloud is highly adaptable.

Plan for everything. Keep on track.

Every business is different. But with the flexible planning options of TimeMoto Cloud, you are always prepared.

Project punching

Plan and record hours for specific projects. On the project page, you can see all currently available projects and add new ones to TimeMoto Cloud.

Core times

Do you want your employees to be available during specific hours? TimeMoto Cloud enables you to set these core times.

Four-level planning

Plan work schedules and activities company-wide or for each location, department, or employee. TimeMoto Cloud has you covered at all levels.

Approve requests

Find and review all pending absence requests by employees on a single page. The system automatically adds approved items to the employee’s planning.

Our Cloud Plans cover everything you need. Manage punching, schedules, timesheets, and reports with ease.