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Clock in. Clock out. That's all.

Carefully designed Time Clocks that seamlessly blend into every working environment. Time for clarity.
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Time clocks for employees


Smart clocks are technical by nature. But we like to make things easy for you. With a simple intuitive interface. Ensuring use and installation without a hassle.



Badges, face recognition, fingerprint, or just PIN. Whatever suits your business and team. Pick your own ways to punch in and out. With flexible identification methods.

Time Clocks


We believe good design stands out. Or discretely blends in its surroundings. All at the same time. With a smooth shape and glass flat panel display. Showing information in crisp detail.

Steady. Safe. Scalable.

Don’t worry about a thing. Our Time Clocks cover everything you need.

Reliable connectivity

No network? No worries. Clocks store data securely until the connection is restored.

Built-in security by design

Complete security is built-in by design. No matter which identification method you use.

Transparent clocking system

Employees can see their work time directly from the clock. So everyone stays informed.

3-year warranty

Time Clocks are covered by a warranty of three years. Just in case anything happens.

Client stories

Stories that spark inspiration. All over the world.

Compare. Clocks.

Compare our two Time Clock series. For smaller and bigger businesses. There’s always a fit.

Compare series
Face Recognition
MIFARE Identification
TM—600 Series
Our TM—600 Series is perfect for smaller and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 employees. All Time Clocks come with a standard of 2 identification methods.
From: $ 299.00
< 200 users
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
2,8” TFT
Tactile keys
 Face Recognition
 MIFARE Identification
TM—800 Series
Our TM—800 Series is perfect for bigger businesses with up to 2,000 employees. All Time Clocks can be fully customized with 4 or 5 flexible identification methods.
From: $ 449.00
< 2,000 users
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
3,5” TFT
Touch-Sense keys
 Face Recognition
 MIFARE Identification

Customize. Accessorize.

Customize, upgrade and accessorize until your solution fully suits your business.

RFID Badges

TimeMoto RF—100 Art. no.: 124-0603

RFID Key fobs

TimeMoto RF—110 Art. no.: 124-0604

USB Fingerprint reader

TimeMoto FP—150 Art. no.: 124-0606

USB RFID reader

TimeMoto RF—150 Art. no.: 124-0605

Time and attendance system

Elevate your Time Clock with one of our Cloud Plans and corresponding mobile app. Manage punching, schedules, timesheets, and reports with ease. Whatever your business suits best. Discover your own unique combination.

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